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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mount Kailash Parikrama and Wrap up - Part 5

24th June 2005: Day 1 of Parikrama , Darchen to Drira Phuk

The first thing in the morning that we wanted to see was clear weather and it was indeed a clear morning. But it was very chilly as the wind blowing was strong.
It was Parikrama day(Kora)( circumambulation around Mount Kailash). A 3 day trek which would pass through some of the most secluded regions of Tibet.
Map showing Parikrama of Mount Kailash(Courtesy : ecotrek.com)

Many who felt that they would not be able to complete the Parikrama of 52 kms, stayed back. Many decided to trek the 1st day and return back the next day to Darchen. The rest, who were game for the 3 day trek were getting geared up. We were taken west to Tarboche(Yamadwar) which was a 20 min drive from our hotel.

En route to Tarboche(Yamadwar)

From Tarboche we could see the mammoth south face of Mount Kailash peeping above the canyon walls.The significant feature of Tarboche is a tall, graceful flagpole. It is festooned, like a maypole, with hundreds of prayer flags.

South Face of Mount Kailash from Tarboche

That's me at Tarboche in front of Mount Kailash(South Face)

We were allotted our porters and my porter was an old Tibetan man. His name was Nawang. I felt awkward to give him my backpack as he 60 + and I was just 1/3rd of his age by then. But then, that’s his bread and butter. Yaks weren’t available that day, so our luggage was also carried by porters.

Me and my porter

So then, we started our trek of 14 kms (approx) from Tarboche to Drira Phuk (4890m/16039 feet). Buddhists and Hindus make clockwise circuits while Bonpo pilgrims make anticlockwise circuits.
The trek trail was pretty straight with occasional ups and downs. But we were tested to our limits by the wind. It blew in opposite direction with gale force and it sure did give us a hard time. We were walking in the Lha Chu valley which means ‘Divine river” with Mount Kailash to our right (west face) and a small stream to our left.

West face of Mount Kailash

Lha Chu valley

We reached a small rest house where we had our lunch and then resumed our trek to Drira Phuk.

We could now clearly see some portion of the north face of Mount Kailash along with the West face. It was like a pyramid; the long and straight edge pointing towards us, west face to the right and North face to the left of the edge.

West and North face of Mount Kailash(pic courtesy: Prachee)

Around 4 pm, we crossed a small stream which was actually flowing from the base of Mount Kailash. The view we got of Mount Kailash after crossing the stream was to die for. The North face of the giant within touching distance. The best possible view.

North face of Mount Kailash after stream crossing(pic courtesy: Prachee 2006 Yatra)

North face of Mount Kailash ( During our trip, 2005)

I’m sorry, I have failed miserably to find words to describe what I saw. I can only say that my heart skipped a beat for the 5th time, this time not figuratively but literally:)

Our camp was already ready and I waited for others to arrive including my dad. After their arrival I decided to go up the hill from where I could get a better view of the North Face. The climb was pretty tough because I had already done 14 kms that day. When I reached the top, I kept gazing at the summit, a heavenly cone of ice and snow and the mountain itself. There is a peculiar aura that probably exists in this place which keeps u energized all the time.

Closer to North Face of Mount Kailash

The North face of Mount Kailash is almost vertical making it difficult for the snow to settle down at some places. The glossy black look of the mountain distinguishes it from the others which are brownish in colour. I wanted to freeze the moment forever. It was magical.

I met a man up there who wanted to go right near the base of Mount Kailash and touch the Mountain. He asked me whether I was willing to accompany him. Why not, I said without a frown.
We walked a few paces ahead and we came across a small glacier.

That's me in front of Mount Kailash(North Face)

But it was getting darker by the minute. All the peaks had turned dark except Mount Kailash which was bright yellow. We decided to walk back as it was unsafe and by the time I reached the camp, Mount Kailash was light golden in colour.

25th June 2005 : 2nd day of Parikrama,Drira Phuk to Sabje Dratok via Dolma Pass

We got up at 4:30 am as we had to cross Dolma pass, 6.4 kms away at 5630m/ 18460 feet. It was bitterly cold and chilly. The gloves I wore were of no use. My fingers had lost the sense of touch. Mount Kailash was white in colour owing to the Moonlight that reflected off the snow and ice.
Our guide, briefed us about the path ahead. At 5 am, still dark, having heavy heads, we were off with the most arduous day of trek. A total distance of 22 kms which would involve a 700 m slope ascent and an 800 m descent, preceding and succeeding Dolma La respectively.
Within 10 mins, we crossed a bridge over a small icy stream and were rightly heading eastward.

Bridge over a small stream

Once we crossed the bridge, we could see the trail gaining height gradually. It looked like a monumental task for the oldies. We trudged our way up the slope towards Shivastal, gasping for every single molecule of oxygen that was present in the rarefied air.

En route to Shivastal

The porters were not only carrying our backpacks but also were helping us to make good progress. Suddenly, one of our group members said aloud, “Guys, we are at 5000 m.” That pumped me up and I soon reached a point from where I could see all the people making their way up. Out popped the handycam and I kept shooting till they reached me.
Now, the peaks started turning golden again including Mount Kailash which was to our right (East face). It was Sunrise time. Mother Nature unleashed her beauty once again giving us a visual treat.

15-20 mins after sunrise

After some hard climbing, we reached Shivastal-a place where pilgrims leave some of their belongings as offerings and rightly so, we could see offerings scattered all over the place.


Now the trail was somewhat straight for a few kms. We could see people making their Dolma La assault at a distance climbing their way past ice and snow. We could see a number of small glacial ponds on our way towards Dolma La. We even saw a marmot (a rodent- rat/rabbit type) and many of them dwell in this region of Kailash.

Marmot, a rodent

Just before the final ascent to Dolma La began, we had to cross a small stream which was covered by ice in some places and we could hear the water flowing beneath. I had my camera ON all the time as I wanted to record each and every moment of this day’s trek.
I was lucky enough to witness a phenomenon which hardly any people get to see. The water that flowed below the icecover started turning into ice. Scientifically speaking, I saw crystallization taking place. This exhilarating moment took a heart beat away (6th time)

Final push to Dolma La began. The 45 degree slope was long and ice covered at most places with rocks and boulders strewn all over. This was really tough and challenging. I was barely taking 5 steps with every push forward.

Climb before Dolma La

My dad and others were way way behind so much so that I could not even see them. I was walking with Karma Sherpa. East face of Mount Kailash was gradually getting blocked by other mountains in front and soon Kailash went out of sight and my cassette( in handycam) also reached its maximum limit. It took me a good 15 mins to load a new cassette. In the process, I had to remove my gloves and expose my hands to the extremely cold climate. I had a tough time handling the camera.( Dad had the still camera(normal cam, not digital) and he was finding it difficult to click pictures :) ) Mount Kailash could not be seen thereafter.

Last view of Mount Kailash

As we moved up, we were gradually coming at par with the other snow covered moutains.

Before Dolma pass

We were now walking on ice, slipping several times. The formation of ice on the slope we were walking on was very strange. Small inverted cone like icy structures could be seen on both sides of the trail.

Dolma La could be sighted now and after having walked for almost 6 hours (1 km per hr), I was on top of the world. Dolma La-5630 m/ 18460 feet, the highest I have ever been to. Dolma La is a pass which is home to the shrine of Goddess Tara Devi-Goddess of love and compassion.

Prayer flags and Mani stones could be seen at many places atop Dolma La. We too tied a prayer flag which we had bought at Darchen as a mark of respect and leaving behind something during the trek. It was sheer bliss. 7th time beat skipped.

Dolma Pass-5630m / 18460 feet

We were told to leave the pass asap as staying at 18k feet for a long time could prove to be fatal. We had our packed lunch there after which we started proceeding downwards.

After about 15 mins, we could see Gauri Kund( lake of compassion ) to our bottom right-a few 100 feet below. The lake was completely frozen except at its periphery. Some people could be seen walking straight down the slope to fetch water from Gauri kund.

Gauri Kund

We were now making our way down through big boulders and later on we crossed a glacier which was dirt free to quite an extent. Beyond the glacier was some soft snow which we encountered for the first time in the entire trip.

Climbing down from Dolma La(pic courtesy : Prachee)

The trail now was straight for a few kms after which it dropped again steeply leading to a tea shop below. It was around 3 pm when I reached the tea shop. I wanted to have something but I had only 1 or 2 yuans with me. The rest were with dad. A sherpa then offered me coke and I thanked him.

My dad reached the tea shop after an hour or so. He was completely drained out by the sheer gain and drop of altitude.

It was too late to reach Zutrul phuk(4790m/15711 feet), our initial camp site. The guides therefore decided to pitch tents a few kms before Zutrul Phuk at Sabje Dratok wherever they could find flat ground.
The break that I took there at the tea shop gave me a burst of energy. I could walk at the same pace at which our guide was walking. The trail was straight but uneven with small marshy bumps. We were now in Lham Chu valley which had daunting sandstone walls on both sides. A small stream to our left accompanied us all the way. I reached the campsite in 1 hour. We( myself, guide and Vaishali) sat close to the stream, left our feet hanging in its cold waters. It was gr8. Soon others turned arrived; dinner and then sleep.

26th June 2005 : 3rd day of Parikrama, Sabje Dratok to Darchen

3rd and final day trek of 16 kms got underway early in the morning. I continued my walking spree and made good progress with the Sherpas. Kept shooting all the while and I reached Zutrul Phuk pretty quickly. We stayed there for a while for others to catch us up. We had tea/ coke in a small shop there. Zutrul Phuk monastery, which is located on the sight of a cave where the Buddhist sage Milarepa camped in 1100 AD. The quiet solitude of this place makes one feel that not much has changed since then.

Zutrul Phuk Monastery

Day 3 trek trail( above 2 pics courtesy : Prachee)

Again continued trekking, and by noon, myself and the Sherpas had crossed a bridge over a small stream and again waited for others to arrive.

We watched some people completing their Parikrama by prostration, lying full length on the ground so that their foreheads touched the earth with each forward stride. In this manner, each circuit takes them 13 days. Hats Off.

All of a sudden, our cook soon got to us and gave us terrible news. Vaishali had slipped and in the process her foot got soaked in water after which she was feeling terribly uncomfortable. She was in semi conscious semi unconscious state and had to be given shoulders for support while walking.

At the same time, Basant(guide) who had stayed back with the others( people who had not opted for the 3 day trek) in Darchen came and met us. We were surprised to see him and he said, “ I came from here-anticlockwise direction”. Shocking news again. An old lady had survived a heart attack at Darchen guest house. Luckily, the doctor was there by her side to bring her back to stable condition. The doctor was also among those who had opted out. Our main guide was calm about the things happening around but still one could sense the stress that he was going through at that time.

My dad also arrived and he left soon while I continued to wait with our main guide for Vaishali to arrive to see if I could be of any help. She finally came with 2 guides who were shouldering her. We then left that place and continued trekking for another 2 hours.
At around 3pm, we completed our Parikrama.

Parikrama ends

Thanked our porters for the wonderful job they did over the last 3 days and left for Darchen in Land cruisers. Vaishali was given oxygen for 2 hours after which she settled down.

I thanked God that there were no more casualties. Tired and drained out, mentally and physically, the eventful day came to an end.

27th June 2005 : Darchen to Saga via Paryang

Next morning, we left Darchen and headed straight to Manasarovar. On the way we could see the South face of Mount Kailash again.

At Manasarovar, we filled our bottles with the holy water which we took back for our relatives and others at home. We bid goodbye to the holy land for one last time.

I prayed and thanked Him for the wonderful journey, for the dip in the holy water, for the Parikrama, for the small uphill climb at the North face where I came face to face with Him and for being able to survive all odds, the scorching heat during the day time and numbing cold at night.

A bow to the Lord and we again zoomed through the Tibetan Plateau to Saga skipping Paryang. Saga experienced hail that evening and it was quite a sight.

28th June 2005 : Saga to Nyalam

Left Saga for Nyalam. En route, we lost ½ hour fixing the tyre of a land cruiser which was completely thrown out of the axle. Fortunately, nothing serious took place.
Reached Nyalam by evening. We had a small condolence meeting that night for the uncle who couldn’t make it with us.
Tipping ceremony took place later. All the drivers and guides who were the backbone of our trip were tipped.

29th June 2005 : Nyalam to Dhulikhel via Zhangmu

Nyalam to border(friendship bridge) via Zhangmu and then across the border into Nepal after completing the formalities again. We boarded a mini bus from the border to Dhulikhel, a charming hill station. It was really beautiful and was the perfect place to take rest after our journey in Tibet.

30th June 2005 : Dhulikhel to Kathmandu

It took around 2 hours to reach Kathmandu from Dhulikhel. Rest of the day, we just wandered through the streets of Kathmandu.

1st July 2005 : Rest day at Kathmandu

The rest of the group members left for India while we (myself, dad and guide) stayed back in Kathmandu as we were heading into Tibet once again to explore Lhasa.

2nd,3rd,4th July 2005 : Lhasa

We boarded Air China flight to Lhasa, the capital of Tibet( Elevation-3650m /11972 feet). Landed at Gonggar airport which is around 100 kms from Lhasa city. Gonggar airport is the 2nd highest airport in the world. 1st one is in some other province of China.
Lhasa city was quite clean and the Chinese have always been ‘A one’ in infrastructure and that could be clearly seen in Lhasa. Wide roads, beautiful buildings and bridges.

We saw the huge Potala palace, which is the summer residence of Dalai Lama and is a major landmark of the city. We also saw Barkhor Temple, Barkhor market, Drepung Monastery and Ganden Monastery(50 kms from Lhasa).

Potala Palace, Lhasa

5th july 2005 : Lhasa to Mumbai

Boarded Air China to Kathmandu from Lhasa which took us over the Himalayas.
Boarded Jet Airways to Delhi from Kathmandu.
Boarded Jet Airways to Mumbai from Delhi.

Reached home at 8 pm after leaving Lhasa at 4 am. We had turned black and all at home were surprised to see the change in our skin colours. We were tanned by the blazing Sun and it took 2 to 3 weeks for the skin to regain its original colour.

Now, when I think of Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar, I feel fortunate, privileged and blessed to have undertaken this journey of a life time at such a young age. It has made me strong, mentally and physically. I thank Him for the journey and also thank Him for the 7 wonderful beat skipping moments :)

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Blogger Ashish said...

amazingly written anand !!! I could feel each and every thing while reading [:)] .. bravo !!! How much does this trip cost per head ???

September 15, 2007 at 8:21 AM

Blogger P.R.Selvam said...

Greetings,Your message on Mount Kailash was Excellent,Photos were Beautiful, wish you all the best friend.

September 15, 2007 at 9:14 AM

Blogger anju said...

anand i wish to congratulate u on an informative and wonderful blog. it was very beautifully presented and i thank u for sharing your experiences with all of us. please continue with the great work. i have got a suggestion to make, perhaps u should now go into writing for the lonely planet.

September 15, 2007 at 2:22 PM

Blogger Divya said...

You write just too good.
Pics are awesome.

September 15, 2007 at 10:08 PM

Blogger Saibal Barman said...

Dear Anand !
I'd been quite stuck up last a few days, so I'm late in finding you on blog.
Thanks for quenching my thirst for the concluding part before I set out for the Himalayas !
The narration is so vivifying that I found myself on a dream journey through Dolma La, Gourikund or Shivasthal--just great, dear!
I must also appreciate you for steadily making the Parikrama, which is best known for being one of the toughest treks, even for the regulars. Hats off your Dad!
Fantastic snaps--particularly those of northern face of the Holy peak. So sacred! Even Mesnar didn't climb it out of reverence!
Anand, I wish readers should once get it in printed form on book stalls.
Take care,

September 18, 2007 at 12:48 AM

Blogger chits007 said...

Excellent pics !...why dont you post them in full resolution somewhere..if you have some video do post

September 24, 2007 at 3:42 AM

Blogger Avani said...

Hi anand,

very well written blog. I wish i can put my trip into words as well.
Can you pls provide me with the name of the travel company that organised this trip for u? I went from the india side, but my uncle would like to go via nepal.


September 29, 2007 at 8:34 AM

Blogger Turki said...

Really GREAT--i too was a part of Kailash yatra in 2005 and I can feel that warmth and CHILL again.
Some of your photographs are simply fabulous---can you share some with me as they are of EXCELLENT quality and purity.

April 1, 2008 at 10:34 AM

Blogger indicaspecies said...

I thank trekwords.

This is a fascinating post with fabulous pictures. Thoroughly enjoyed every bit of your wonderful journey. Congratulations on successfully completing it.

Thank you for sharing your experiences.

April 18, 2008 at 2:13 AM

Blogger ASHOK TURKI said...


April 27, 2008 at 10:37 AM

Anonymous Ronalee said...

This is great info to know.

November 10, 2008 at 9:39 AM

Blogger Sarma said...

Very well written with attached photographs. All my doubts regarding this yatra got cleared by reading your blog. We would like to go on this yatra in 2009. We are from U.S and looking for tour operatures to book our. Can You please tell me through which tour operature did u book your tour.
Thanks in advance.

November 21, 2008 at 8:30 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Best written and most detail desription of your ascent. Wonderful notes and pictures. I am planning to go this year in July with Vaishali. Is the Vaishali you mention the same? She is from Karnali tours and travel. Are you OK for me to email you?

June 14, 2009 at 11:47 PM

Blogger Rashmi said...

Thanks for the post. You've described your trip very well and even though pictures are not digital its very nice.
Gives a good idea of what to expect on this trip. What was the temperature like?

July 4, 2009 at 6:45 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

January 10, 2010 at 5:19 AM

Blogger அப்பாதுரை said...

Excellent narration and lot of insights.

I think you could have mentioned the name of the travel company as a favorable plug - i thought it was very responsible of them to take care of the situation!

I am planning this trip later this year - i will be taking a print out of your travelogue with me.

Thank you

January 17, 2011 at 5:46 AM

Blogger Gopala said...


We are going on Kailasa Manasasarovara Yatra from May 17th, 2011. I was searching the web for details of the trekking of Kailasa. I found only your blog giving full picture of the trekking. I and my wife got the actual details and are now more equipped to take the journey. I thank you for the excellent write-up and photographs which particularly throw light on the actual terrain in which we have to trek.

H.S.Gopal, Bangalore.

April 21, 2011 at 7:56 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very good coverage of the entire Parikrama with photos. Wish the photos had a higher resolution to give more clarity and impact.

September 14, 2011 at 2:06 AM

Blogger baldev said...

Hi Anand bro....it was very nice to see all the Bholenath kailash pics......I want to know more about there ... i am planning to go there soon, I have few questions about there. plz reply to me :


thanks so much....ViJaya

July 18, 2012 at 2:10 PM

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